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Digital & Print Design

Bywater district

The Bywater is a neighborhood adjacent to the French Quarter. Ad campaign showing the uniqueness of the neighborhood.

Libe Raunchy is a drag queen based in the Bywater. Showing the LGBTQ flair of the neighborhood, our goal was to show the inclusivity and diversity of the area. Photography and custom type design by yours truly.

And Then

And then another day passed, and then another art piece was made, and then another house was restored. Using ‘and then’ we used storytelling mixed with architecture photography to show the history and ever changing faces of the neighborhood. 

Missing You From New Orleans

The neighborhood sits adjacent to the Mississippi River and can be very transient depending on the time of year. As humans we make connections, and as time moves forward we find ourselves in different parts of the world. This was a campaign reminding us there is always a place to call home.

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