Product & Digital Design

spa coffee & co.

Spa Coffee & Co. focuses on bringing coffee with a smile.
We wanted a brand that coffee drinkers could identify with.
Coffee is much more than a beverage to enjoy,
it’s the community that comes with.


Spa Coffee & Co., a coffee brand was in need of new product and digital design. Using Spa’s unique coffee roasting techniques, we created a theme off the product and people’s love for their coffee.    


With the world being digital, having a website that is
simple and easy to use on all platforms is crucial for running
a successful business.


We started by asking the question, what do people want and what is our target demographic? Our answers were simple, people want a contemporary coffee experience. Spa wanted their customers to be able to come and have fun, while enjoying their unique roasts. Coffee is much more than just a cup of joe, its a memory of a place you want to remember and keep coming back to.  


Coffee branding with a touch of Spa Coffee & Co <3


Spa’s new branding feels, most importantly, like Spa &. Coffee Co. Everywhere their coffee shows up around town, they’re easily identifiable as a contemporary coffee house and distinct in their industry. Visual cohesion and understanding—just how it feels to be a customer at Spa Coffee & Co. —carries their work and legacy ahead.

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