Lagniappe Brass Band

Give A Little Extra

October 2010, Chet started a brass band in New Orleans, LA from scratch. Having already played saxophone since age 14, it was a long time coming. Lagniappe came hurdling out of the gate with a strong web presence, not to mention hours of preparation musically to get the project launched. New Orleans bands are a bit behind the times when it comes to having a website, so Lagniappe was already way ahead of the game. Through these necessary promo materials, within the first 3 years of the projects existence, the band was able to land gigs all over the city, festivals in the south, and 3 European tours. The journey into the music industry was not easy, but it just shows you the influence strong design can do to boost a bands ability to book nationally and internationally. Chet’s duties are managing the band’s LLC and dealing with clients.