souhaiter case study

Flowers, flowers, flowers

French flowers with a spice of Normandy.


Souhaiter, a new flower company based in France needed a new brand strategy and marketing plan. Flowers are beautiful and something that should be enjoyed me everyone. Through research, we were able to create a brand that was simple and that people could identify with. 



Our goal was to use strong stock photography, mixed with modern  serif typefaces. We wanted the typography to be bold enough to be legible, but also striking to where it portrays elegance. People tend to gravitate towards strong photography too, so that was key in our brand development. 

We finally concluded on Essones typeface and the daffodil as their logo as a representation of wishing. Everyone should be able to wish for a more beautiful future, and why not with flowers. 🙂 



Flowery results are always the best. Ever since the rebrand, Souhaiter has seen increases in all fields from marketing, ads, to online sales. Focusing on long term goals, Souhaiter was able to see rapid growth from their initial investment. 



Branding Identification

High return and recurring recognizability of the brand.

Web Impact

35% increase in web traffic from proper SEO to modern photography and graphics.

Increasing Sales

 23% increase in sales the past two years (2020 & 2021). 


Through communication and a strong brand strategy we were able to form and execute a marketing campaign that the business owners and their clients have fallen in love with. Not to mention, an increase in branding awareness and sales as a whole.

Dites-lui que vous l’aimez avec des fleurs. <3